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  • Unknown 1112 (Italy) Unidentified place in territory of "fines Castellana"
  • Unknown 1113 (Italy) In territory of Piacenza. According to editor, perhaps it coincides with Carignone, in Val d'Arda.
  • Unknown 1134 (Italy) Possibly in territory of Treviso
  • Unknown 1411 (Italy) In territory of Castelseprio (prov. Varese)
  • Unknown 1412 (Italy) Most probably today's Caiello di Gallarate (prov. Varese)
  • Unknown 1414 (Italy) Most probably Coarezza, hamlet of Somma Lombardo (prov. Varese)
  • Unknown 1415 (Italy) In territory of Castelseprio (prov. Varese)
  • Unknown 1416 (Italy) Traditionally identified with Locarno in Switzerland, Canton Ticino, but more probably, as argued by Bedina and Lucioni, to be located between Lesa and Massino, on the mid-Western bank of Lake Maggiore.
  • Unknown 1417 (Italy) In territory of Stazzona
  • Unknown 1418 (Italy) Unidentified place "ultra fluvio Pado"
  • Unknown 1449 (Italy) Location of casalis in DKAR 1:111
  • Unknown 1450 (Italy) Location of casalis in DKAR 1:111
  • Unknown 1453 (Italy) Location of fiscal (ducal) property in the mountains to the south-east of Rieti, donated to Farfa in CDL 4a:33 and confirmed in DKAR 1:111
  • Unknown 1537 (Italy) "Fundus" in Tuscany, possibly territory of Grosseto. Location of possessions of monastery of S Salvator of Monte Amiata
  • Unknown 1588 (Italy) Editor, following Repetti (1833-46), p. 916, argues it could be identified with Lucignanello, between Pienza and Monticchiello (province of Siena)
  • Unknown 1675 (Italy) Unidentified place in Tuscany
  • Unknown 1769 (Italy) Unidentified "vicus" in Tuscany
  • Unknown 1778 (Italy) Small locality in Southern Tuscany or Northern Latium (possibly in territory of Tuscania?).
  • Unknown 1907 (Italy) Unidentified "fundus" in Tuscany (territory of Pisa?)
  • Unknown 1929 (Italy) Location of villa in DKAR 1:159 and of a "cella" of San Vincenzo al Volturno. Vanished place near the church of S Peter "ad oratorium", today in the commune of Bussi sul Tirino, province of Pescara