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  • Acquaviva d'Isernia (Italy) None
  • Alba Fucens (Italy) None
  • Avezzano (Italy) None
  • Barrea (Italy) None
  • Benevento (city) (Italy) None
  • Carsoli (Italy) None
  • Celano (Italy) None
  • Chieti (city) (Italy) None
  • Chieti (region) (Medieval Territory) None
  • Forconi (Italy) Church in DKAR 1:158 located by editor to Forconi, village within commune of Civitella Messer Raimondo (geolocation of the latter given).
  • Forme (Italy) None
  • Paterno (Italy) None
  • Penne (territory) (Medieval Territory) One of the seven Lombard "gastaldatus" in Abruzzo
  • Penne (town) (Italy) None
  • Piumarola (Italy) None
  • Rome (Italy) None
  • San Benedetto dei Marsi (Italy) Editor of DKAR 1:158 identifies as nearest modern settlement.
  • Spoleto (Italy) None
  • Unknown 1879 (Italy) Location of monastery of S Mary in DKAR 1:158. Editor of DKAR identifies as settlement near Alife, San Vincenzo project ( as within commune of Ailano, 16 km distant.
  • Unknown 1888 (Italy) Location of monastery in DKAR 1:158. Editor identifies as Mureni, near Fano Adriano, but this not so far located.