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  • Cornuda (Italy) None
  • Feltre (Italy) None
  • Istanbul (Turkey) Location of destination of an embassy ordered by Charlemagne: CHLA 88:29
  • Lamosano (Italy) None
  • Nonantola (Italy) None
  • Unknown 1106 (Italy) In territory of Piacenza
  • Unknown 1670 (Italy) Unidentified locality in Tuscany
  • Unknown 1730 (France) Location of property in DKAR 1:136. Said to be in pagus of Scarponna, around Dieulouard.
  • Unknown 1809 (Italy) Unidentified "locus" in Tuscany, most probably in territory of Pistoia
  • Unknown 658 (Italy) Unidentified place in Veneto
  • Verdun (France) None