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  • Amiterno (Italy) Old Roman city, disappeared in 10th century, whose settlement approximately coincides with San Vittorino, frazione of the comune of L'Aquila (located in less than 10 kilometres from city-centre).
  • Antrodoco (Italy) None
  • Bergamo (Italy) None
  • Cosona (Italy) Locality in Val d'Orcia, within the administrative division of Pienza
  • Hörsching (Austria) None
  • Langkampfen (Austria) district Kufstein
  • Les-Oudonnières (France) said in MRH 41 to be situated in the pagus of Angers, modern name provided by Nolden (1997), pp. 276-277; unable to locate on any map so far, but some searches returned a place 'les Bourdonnières' (SW of Mayenne) without any explanation
  • Marlupp (Austria) None
  • Pistoia (Italy) None
  • Rieti (Italy) None
  • San Silvestro (Italy) Falacrinae was an ancient Roman "vicus" (birthplace of the emperor Vespasian), identifiable with actual San Silvestro, frazione of the commune of Cittareale.
  • Treviso (Italy) None
  • Unknown 1112 (Italy) Unidentified place in territory of "fines Castellana"
  • Unknown 1113 (Italy) In territory of Piacenza. According to editor, perhaps it coincides with Carignone, in Val d'Arda.
  • Unknown 2065 (Italy) Vanished place in Sabina, South-East of Rieti (still nowadays that area is known as Cicolano)
  • Unknown 2077 (Italy) "Casalis" in Rieti, near the river Velino
  • Unknown 2099 (Italy) Possibly in Sabina
  • Unknown 2181 (Italy) "Casalis", much possibly located in Sabina, territory of Rieti
  • Unknown 2182 (Italy) Most probably in Sabina, territory of Rieti
  • Unknown 2201 (Italy) Much possibly in Sabina