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  • Bavaria (territory) (Medieval Territory) None
  • Bergamo (Italy) None
  • Bidgau (territory) (Medieval Territory) From French Wikipedia: The county of Bidgau is bordered on the north by the Eifel, on the west by the Ardennes, Woëvre and Saargau, on the south by the Bliesgau and on the east by the Meinvelt and the Nahegau. It extends on both banks of the Moselle and comprises the episcopal city of Trier and monasteries of Saint-Maximin, Prüm and Echternach.
  • Francia (medieval territory) (Medieval Territory) None
  • Italy (medieval territory) (Medieval Territory) None
  • Niedermodern (France) None
  • Paris (territory) (Medieval Territory) None
  • Piacenza (Italy) None
  • Printzheim (France) None
  • Saint-Denis (France) None
  • Unknown 1599 (Italy) No entry in Repetti, Dizionario. According to the editor in CHLA 24:764, to be identified with Tribbioli, locality close to Montepulciano (province of Siena).
  • Unknown 2132 (Italy) Possibly in Sabina
  • Werden (Germany) part of Essen; some charters refer to the place as 'Diapanbeci sive Werithina', using the name of a small river (Tiefenbach) discharging into the Ruhr at Werden