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  • Irrsdorf (Austria) None
  • Kaufing (Austria) None
  • Köstendorf (Austria) spelling variant: Skessindorf
  • Künziggau (territory) (Medieval Territory) pagus; variants: Chuuincingau, Quuinzinggauue, Chunzengau
  • Langkampfen (Austria) district Kufstein
  • Machendorf (Germany) near Kirchdorf am Inn, district Rottal-Inn, Lower Bavaria; spelling variants: Mohhundorf, Mohundorf
  • Marlupp (Austria) None
  • Mattiggau (territory) (Medieval Territory) pagus; variants: Mathahkauui, Matahgauui, Matahgauuia, Matahgauue, Matahcgauui, Maduciano
  • Mistlbach (Germany) near Haidenburg, Lower Bavaria
  • Mondsee (Austria) medieval variant: Maninseo
  • Munderfing (Austria) None
  • Neusling (Germany) district Deggendorf (up to 1972: district Vilshofen)
  • Neusling (Germany) district Deggendorf (up to 1972: district Vilshofen)
  • Niederfraunleiten (Austria) None
  • Niederlaab (Austria) None
  • Oberföhring (Germany) Upper Bavaria, near Munich
  • Oberregau (Austria) medieval place today split up into two adjoining places, Oberregau and Unterregau (geolocation: 47.98854 / 13.65875)
  • Oftering (Austria) None
  • Ohlsdorf (Austria) None
  • Ostermiething (Austria) alternative spelling: Aostarmuntinga