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  • Pfongau (Austria) None
  • Phetarah* (Germany) most probably to be identified with one of several possible modern places called 'Pfettrach' in Bavaria
  • Pichlwang (Austria) near Timelkam
  • Regensburg (Germany) None
  • Rohrbach (Austria) Orbis Latinus provides 'Rohrbacum' for namesakes in Bavaria and Lorraine
  • Rottachgau (territory) (Medieval Territory) pagus
  • Salzburg (Austria) city; medieval variants: Salisburgum, Petena
  • Salzburggau (territory) (Medieval Territory) pagus
  • Schöffau (Germany) in Lower Bavaria, to Weihmörting; alternative spelling (Mondsee cartulary): Schefovva
  • Schörfling (Austria) None
  • Sempt (Germany) near Forstinning, Upper Bavaria
  • Steindorf (Austria) not to be confused with Steindorf in Upper Austria, near the Attersee lake
  • Steindorf (Austria) near Seewalchen am Attersee
  • Strass (Austria) part of Eugendorf
  • Strasswalchen (Austria) None
  • Sundergau (territory) (Medieval Territory) pagus in Bavaria; not to be confused with the pagus Sundgau in Alsace
  • Teichstätt (Austria) None
  • Tillbach (Germany) today divided into Obertillbach and Untertillbach; part of Beutelsbach, district of Passau
  • Traungau (territory) (Medieval Territory) pagus; in modern Upper Austria
  • Treubach (Austria) None