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  • Alkoven (Austria) None
  • Alm (river) (Natural Landmark) Tributary of the Traun
  • Ansfelden (Austria) None
  • Aschach an der Donau (Austria) None
  • Dietach (Austria) None
  • Eberstalzell (Austria) None
  • Forst (wood) (Natural Landmark) probably a large woodland in Austria, around Dietach and Sierning
  • Grünz (Austria) near Obritzberg-Rust, district St Pölten
  • Ipfbach (river) (Natural Landmark) River, tributary of Danube in Linz district of Upper Austria.
  • Kremsmünster (Austria) None
  • Leombach (Austria) None
  • Pettenbach (Austria) None
  • Sierning (Austria) None
  • Unknown 700 (Austria) Editor of DKAR 1:169 thinks this is on Salzbach river, a tributary of the Krems, which enters it downstream from Achleiten, Steyr, Upper Austria.
  • Unknown 703 (Austria) Editor of DKAR 1: 169 says region around the Sipp - Bach, tributary of Traun near Hasenufer, Steyr, Upper Austria.
  • Unknown 713 (Medieval Territory) Editor of DKAR 1: 169 identifies Nordfilusa as the region around the northern Vils (a tributary of the Danube, which flows into it by Vilshafen, Niederbayern).
  • Unknown 715 (Austria) Editor of DKAR 1: 169 says located on the Rodelbach, a tributary of the Danube, which flows into it by Ober-Ottensheim, Linz, Upper Austria
  • Warminch* (mountain) (Natural Landmark) mountain, possibly the location of modern Magdalenaberg near Pettenbach in Upper Austria
  • Zuffenbrunn (well) (Natural Landmark) spring or well near Pettenbach (Austria)