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  • Attergau (territory) (Medieval Territory) pagus, in Upper Austria
  • Freising (diocese) (Medieval Territory) None
  • Künziggau (territory) (Medieval Territory) pagus; variants: Chuuincingau, Quuinzinggauue, Chunzengau
  • Mattiggau (territory) (Medieval Territory) pagus; variants: Mathahkauui, Matahgauui, Matahgauuia, Matahgauue, Matahcgauui, Maduciano
  • Rottachgau (territory) (Medieval Territory) pagus
  • Salzburggau (territory) (Medieval Territory) pagus
  • Sundergau (territory) (Medieval Territory) pagus in Bavaria; not to be confused with the pagus Sundgau in Alsace
  • Traungau (territory) (Medieval Territory) pagus; in modern Upper Austria
  • Ufgau (territory) (Medieval Territory) pagus. effectively the southwestern part of the pagus Traungau; in modern Upper Austria; not to be confused with Ufgau in modern Baden-Württemberg; Ufgau in the sense of 'Upper <part of a> Pagus' occurs in more than one pagus, cf. commentary to MON 67