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  • Bienne-lez-Happart (Belgium) None
  • Brabant (territory) (Medieval Territory) Medieval territory in Belgium.
  • Budel (Netherlands) None
  • Chevesnes (Belgium) None
  • Diessen (Netherlands) None
  • Frasnes (Belgium) None
  • Grand-Reng (Belgium) None
  • Hainaut (Medieval Territory) Also known as Hennegau, Henegouwen.
  • Haulchin (Belgium) None
  • Hees (Netherlands) Hamlet between Eersel and Steensel which editor of ONB 14 identifies with Hezia. Editor rejects alternative suggestion of place as Heeze.
  • Hermalle-sous-Argenteau (Belgium) None
  • Herstal (Belgium) None
  • Hesbaye (Medieval Territory) Also known as Haspengau, Hespengau, Haspengouw. Region in eastern Belgium.
  • Liège (territory) (Medieval Territory) None
  • Lommegau (Medieval Territory) Also known as pagus Lommensis. Region west of the Maas in Belgium.
  • Rouveroy (Belgium) Location said to be Grand-Rigneaux and Petit-Rigneaux, near Rouvery.
  • Teisterbant (territory) (Medieval Territory) Pagus of Teisterbant. Also called pagus Texandrisse, Texandrie.
  • Unknown 1624 (Belgium) Location of exchanged property in DKAR 1:124. Editor thinks this may be corrupted version of Auuansia.
  • Unknown 1626 (Belgium) Location of exchanged property in DKAR 1:124.
  • Unknown 336 (Unidentified places) Location in ONB 10: two different suggestions for its locations, one in Luxembourg, one in Netherlands