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  • Altach (Natural Landmark) to Barbing, district Regensburg; describes in REG 2 as an 'insula' (on the Danube)
  • Aschach (river) (Natural Landmark) in Upper Austria
  • Aubach (river) (Natural Landmark) tributary of the Leitenbach in Upper Austria
  • Bibert (river) (Natural Landmark) Bavarian tributary of the Rednitz; both sources of the Bibert are called Piparodi (REG 11)
  • Danube (river) (Natural Landmark) None
  • Donaugau (territory) (Medieval Territory) Region on both sides of the Danube in Bavaria. Variant medieval name: pagus Danubii (REG 7)
  • Eschenau im Hausruckkreis (Austria) None
  • Grafentraubach (Germany) None
  • Haibach (river) (Natural Landmark) small tributary of the Danube near Haibach ob der Donau in Upper Austria
  • Kesselbach (river) (Natural Landmark) also Kößlbach, small tributary of the Danube in Upper Austria
  • Langenhettenbach (Germany) district Landshut; today split up into Langenhettenbach and Dürrenhettenbach, geolocation provided for the former
  • Leitenbach (river) (Natural Landmark) None
  • Oberlindhart (Germany) today split up into Oberlindhart and Niederlindhart, geolocation provided for the former
  • Oberroning (Germany) near Rottenburg an der Laaber, district Landshut, today split up into Oberroning and Niederroning, geolocation for the former
  • Ostermiething (Austria) alternative spelling: Aostarmuntinga
  • Pram (Germany) district Landshut
  • Rangau (territory) (Medieval Territory) pagus, around modern Nuremberg in Bavaria. Also known as Rangouui
  • Regensburg (Germany) None
  • Spalt (Germany) district Roth
  • Sualafeldgau (territory) (Medieval Territory) region, also pagus; bordering on the Bavarian Nordgau to the east and the Rangau to the north