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  • Bonn (Germany) None
  • Freising (Germany) None
  • Montcalmés (France) Reference point in DKAR 1:173; editor identifies as within the settlement Puéchabon, to which this is geolocated.
  • Passau (Germany) None
  • Sirmione (Italy) None
  • Unknown 1655 (Italy) Unidentified place ("castrum") in Tuscia
  • Unknown 1719 (Italy) Unidentified "castrum" in Tuscia
  • Unknown 1932 (Italy) No exact localization is possible: Monneret du Villard, L’Isola, pp. 70-71, located it in Laino (province of Como); Bognetti, S. Maria, p. 81, in Castiglione; Vincenti, La chiesa, p. 34, argues it can be identified with a (later documented) fortification in Scaria (borough of Lanzo d'Intelvi, province of Como).
  • Viterbo (Italy) None
  • Wels (Austria) statutory city