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  • Aciliano (Italy) Vanished place near Chiusi (province of Siena)
  • Aquileia (Italy) None
  • Egglfing (Germany) district Passau
  • Freising (Germany) None
  • Isen (Germany) district Erding
  • Leno (Italy) None
  • Mehnbach (Germany) part of Lengdorf, district Erding.
  • Montepulciano (Italy) None
  • Nantes (France) None
  • Paris (France) None
  • Passau (Germany) None
  • Regensburg (Germany) None
  • Reggio Emilia (Italy) None
  • Rieti (Italy) None
  • Rome (Italy) None
  • Salzburg (Austria) city; medieval variants: Salisburgum, Petena
  • Unknown 1067 (Italy) Unidentified place in Tuscany. According to Schneider, as related by the editor of CHLA 58:16, it could be identified with Agnano in Val d'Era, between Orciatico and Montecatini.
  • Unknown 1497 (Italy) None
  • Unknown 1539 (Italy) According to Kurze, to be identified with a "vicus" near Tuscania, in Northern Latium (prov. of Viterbo)
  • Unknown 1564 (Italy) In territory of Tuscania