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  • Ager (river) (Natural Landmark) also Grosse Ager; effluent of the Attersee (Upper Austria); not to be confused with the Dürre Ager
  • Arrone (river) (Natural Landmark) Small river in Northern Latium
  • Bibert (river) (Natural Landmark) Bavarian tributary of the Rednitz; both sources of the Bibert are called Piparodi (REG 11)
  • Danube (river) (Natural Landmark) None
  • Glonn (river) (Natural Landmark) tributary of the Amper river in Bavaria
  • Ipfbach (river) (Natural Landmark) River, tributary of Danube in Linz district of Upper Austria.
  • Isar (river) (Natural Landmark) tributary of the Danube, starting in Austria and discharging into the Danube near Deggendorf (Bavaria, Germany)
  • Isen (river) (Natural Landmark) tributary of the Inn
  • Natisone (river) (Natural Landmark) Tributary of the Torre.
  • Pertrurium* (river) (Natural Landmark) Small river in Aveto Valley (D KAR 1:80)
  • Rhine (river) (Natural Landmark) River
  • Rott (river) (Natural Landmark) tributary of the Inn, joining that river near Schärding (Upper Austria)
  • Ruhr (river) (Natural Landmark) tributary of the Rhine in Northrhine-Westphalia
  • Salto (river) (Natural Landmark) River in Sabina, between Latium and Abruzzo. Left tributary of Velino
  • Seine (river) (Natural Landmark) None
  • Velino (river) (Natural Landmark) Tributary of the Nera in central Italy.
  • Vils (river) (Natural Landmark) tributary of the Donau
  • Würm (river) (Natural Landmark) tributary of the Amper in Bavaria