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  • Unknown 1453 (Italy) Location of fiscal (ducal) property in the mountains to the south-east of Rieti, donated to Farfa in CDL 4a:33 and confirmed in DKAR 1:111
  • Unknown 2014 (Medieval Territory) Fiscal estate, part of a Spoletine ducal "curtis" in territory of Rieti
  • Unknown 2064 (Italy) Location of a "massa" donated in 770-771 to Farfa
  • Unknown 2216 (Italy) "Massa" (much probably) in Sabina
  • Unknown 2254 (Italy) "Massa" in Sabina
  • Unknown 2352 (Italy) In Sabina
  • Unknown 2353 (Italy) In Territory of Amiterno (province of L'Aquila)