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  • Agello di Sovana (Italy) Borough of Sorano
  • Airischwand (Germany) district Freising
  • Albaredo Arnaboldi (Italy) None
  • Albizzate (Italy) None
  • Alfiano (Italy) Suburb of Corte de' Frati
  • Alkoven (Austria) None
  • Alteckendorf (France) According to editor of WBG 133 and French Wikipedia, Eckendorf was absorbed into Alteckendorf in the C18.
  • Amiterno (Italy) Old Roman city, disappeared in 10th century, whose settlement approximately coincides with San Vittorino, frazione of the comune of L'Aquila (located in less than 10 kilometres from city-centre).
  • Amper (river) (Natural Landmark) tributary of the Isar river in Bavaria.
  • Angers (France) None
  • Antrodoco (Italy) None
  • Appenhofen (Germany) None
  • Aquileia (Italy) None
  • Arco di Trento (Italy) None
  • Argelliers (France) Location of property in DKAR 1:188, identified by editor as St-Jean-de-Combajargues, which is within the commune of Argelliers.
  • Arzago d'Adda (Italy) None
  • Aschach an der Donau (Austria) None
  • Ascoli Piceno (Italy) None
  • Astätt (Austria) district Braunau am Inn; not to be confused with Austeti / Anstett (Salzburg)
  • Austria (territory) (Medieval Territory) The Eastern portion of "Langobardia Maior", the north-central part of the Lombard Kingdom in Italy, from Adda river to Friulan region.