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  • Buchonia (wood) (Natural Landmark) Wooded region around northern Rhön mountains in Hesse.
  • Holzheim (Germany) today part of Neuss
  • Rhienderen (Netherlands) near Brummen
  • Unknown 1714 (Unidentified places) mentioned in WER 3 & 26; located near Alhfridushuson*
  • Unknown 1715 (Unidentified places) mentioned in WER 3; located near Withorpe*
  • Unknown 1752 (wood) (Natural Landmark) today as 'Heisingen' part of the city of Essen
  • Unknown 1866 (Netherlands) mentioned in WER 24 as being located in the villa Salehem*
  • Unknown 1933 (Netherlands) unidentified, but used to be part of Doornspijk
  • Unknown 2466 (Germany) Location of cleared land within wood of Buchonia. Menke (1980), p. 275, suggests possibly near Escherode.
  • Unknown 2486 (Germany) Location of cleared land in DKAR 1:218
  • Werden (Germany) part of Essen; some charters refer to the place as 'Diapanbeci sive Werithina', using the name of a small river (Tiefenbach) discharging into the Ruhr at Werden
  • Widuberg (clearing) (Natural Landmark) a clearance or 'rothus', mentioned in WER 14-15 as part of Fischlaken, North Rhine-Westphalia