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  • Amiterno (Italy) Old Roman city, disappeared in 10th century, whose settlement approximately coincides with San Vittorino, frazione of the comune of L'Aquila (located in less than 10 kilometres from city-centre).
  • Antrodoco (Italy) None
  • Arquata sul Serchio (Italy) Near Moriano, suburb of Lucca.
  • Casaprota (Italy) Location of a farm granted by duke Hildebrand to Farfa in CDL 4a:27. Editor does not attempt to identify. For "Casa Perota" as the modern Casaprota, province of Rieti, see Saracco Previdi (1973), p. 675, n. 383.
  • Farfa (Italy) None
  • Frignano (Italy) None
  • Montepulciano (Italy) None
  • Pettino (Italy) Borough of L'Aquila
  • Pistoia (Italy) None
  • Rieti (Italy) None
  • San Quirico di Sorano (Italy) None
  • San Silvestro (Italy) Falacrinae was an ancient Roman "vicus" (birthplace of the emperor Vespasian), identifiable with actual San Silvestro, frazione of the commune of Cittareale.
  • Spoleto (Italy) None
  • Triana di Santa Fiora (Italy) None
  • Unknown 1537 (Italy) "Fundus" in Tuscany, possibly territory of Grosseto. Location of possessions of monastery of S Salvator of Monte Amiata
  • Unknown 1588 (Italy) Editor, following Repetti (1833-46), p. 916, argues it could be identified with Lucignanello, between Pienza and Monticchiello (province of Siena)
  • Unknown 1907 (Italy) Unidentified "fundus" in Tuscany (territory of Pisa?)
  • Unknown 1932 (Italy) No exact localization is possible: Monneret du Villard, L’Isola, pp. 70-71, located it in Laino (province of Como); Bognetti, S. Maria, p. 81, in Castiglione; Vincenti, La chiesa, p. 34, argues it can be identified with a (later documented) fortification in Scaria (borough of Lanzo d'Intelvi, province of Como).
  • Unknown 1995 (Italy) "Locus" in territory of Rieti
  • Unknown 2039 (Italy) Locality in "finibus Florentinis" where Charlemagne, coming back from Rome in July 781, stopped off, requested to settle a dispute between Farfa and a Pando of Rieti. Rather than Mezzano in Chianti (prov. of Firenze), possibly to be identified with a ford across river Arno, today close to Ponte di Pian dell'Isola.