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  • Unknown 1180 (Italy) None
  • Unknown 1448 (Italy) Location of curtis in DKAR 1:111
  • Unknown 1450 (Italy) Location of casalis in DKAR 1:111
  • Unknown 1453 (Italy) Location of fiscal (ducal) property in the mountains to the south-east of Rieti, donated to Farfa in CDL 4a:33 and confirmed in DKAR 1:111
  • Unknown 1929 (Italy) Location of villa in DKAR 1:159 and of a "cella" of San Vincenzo al Volturno. Vanished place near the church of S Peter "ad oratorium", today in the commune of Bussi sul Tirino, province of Pescara
  • Unknown 1935 (Italy) Unidentified place in Sabina, territory of Rieti
  • Unknown 1942 (Italy) Unidentified locality possibly in Sabina (territory of Farfa)
  • Unknown 1946 (Italy) Location of possessions granted by Acerisius to Farfa: to be identified with Pitigliano, province of Grosseto? Or, more likely, with Pitigliano, borough of San Giustino, or with Petrignano, both in province of Perugia? A "locus qui vocitatur Pitilianus ad Sanctum Gregorium", location of residence of a "Ciurius", public "homo" of duke Hildebrand, is mentioned also in CDL 4a:25
  • Unknown 1947 (Italy) Much likely in Territory of Rieti
  • Unknown 1948 (Italy) "Curtis" in territory of Rieti
  • Unknown 1959 (Italy) On its location (in territory of Rieti), see Saracco Previdi (1973), p. 668.
  • Unknown 1986 (Italy) Fiscal "fundus" in territory of Farfa (but also location of a "curtis" donated by Hilderic and his mother Taciperga to Farfa in March 773 - see CDL 5:60)
  • Unknown 1987 (Italy) Fiscal "casalis" donated by duke Hildebrand to Farfa in 776
  • Unknown 1988 (Italy) Fiscal "casalis" donated by duke Hildebrand to Farfa in 776
  • Unknown 1995 (Italy) "Locus" in territory of Rieti
  • Unknown 1996 (Italy) "Casalis" in Massa Nautona donated by duke Hildebrand to Farfa in May 778 (CDL 4a:33). Another mention in a donation of April 783, even if with a different place relationship ("Sibianus ... territorii Reatini in Massa Pretorii"). Costambeys (2007), p. 75, argues they could be identical.
  • Unknown 1999 (Italy) Location of a "curtis" in territory of Penne donated to Montecassino
  • Unknown 2000 (Italy) "Locus" in territory of Tronto
  • Unknown 2002 (Italy) Part of the "curtis" named "Paternu Bicenda", in territory of Marsi, fiscal estate of Spoleto's duchy
  • Unknown 2004 (Italy) "Locus" in territory of Marsi