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  • Adria (mountain) (Natural Landmark) Mountain (D KAR 1:80)
  • Bruggelen (wood) (Natural Landmark) near Engeland (province Gelderland)
  • Buchonia (wood) (Natural Landmark) Wooded region around northern Rhön mountains in Hesse.
  • Gurtenbach (river) (Natural Landmark) tributary of the Inn
  • Ipfbach (river) (Natural Landmark) River, tributary of Danube in Linz district of Upper Austria.
  • Isen (river) (Natural Landmark) tributary of the Inn
  • Lek (river) (Natural Landmark) River in Netherlands, continuation of the Nederrijn.
  • Ligana* (Natural Landmark) A wide wooded area in Southern bank of Garda, between Peschiera and Desenzano
  • Murbach (river) (Natural Landmark) Right tributary of the Lauch.
  • Nahe (river) (Natural Landmark) Left tributary of the Rhine.
  • Pfettrach (river) (Natural Landmark) tributary of the Isar
  • Po (river) (Natural Landmark) River
  • Rhine (river) (Natural Landmark) River
  • Röttenbach (river) (Natural Landmark) according to editor of SFL 15, today the 'Zellwieser Mühlbach' in Zellwies (to Königsdorf, Bavaria)
  • Salto (river) (Natural Landmark) River in Sabina, between Latium and Abruzzo. Left tributary of Velino
  • Seine (river) (Natural Landmark) None
  • Serchio (Natural Landmark) The third longest river in the Italian region of Tuscany.
  • Steinwid (wood) (Natural Landmark) mentioned in WER 21
  • Unknown 1708 (wood) (Natural Landmark) mentioned in WER 1, perhaps located in the Netherlands
  • Unknown 1712 (wood) (Natural Landmark) woodland (silva) near Widdeshoven, mentioned in WER 2