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  • Bezange-la-Petite (France) Possible location in WBG 245
  • Bérange (France) Editor of WBG 245 describes as farm/manor near Château-Voué.
  • Cheminot (France) None
  • Cutting (France) None
  • Domnon-lès-Dieuze (France) Editor of WBG 253 argues this is location of Dundinga rather than Donnelay, since it is nearer Cutting.
  • Gelucourt (France) None
  • Gorze (France) None
  • Grosbliederstroff (France) None
  • Guermange (France) None
  • Hesse (France) Village in France
  • Insming (France) Possible location in DKAR 1:107
  • Marsal (France) None
  • Metz (France) None
  • Moselle (France) Modern department
  • Puttigny (France) Editor of DKAR 1:136 identifies former settlement of Vertignécourt or Vitrincourt as in commune of Puttigny; confirmed by French Wikipedia.
  • Réding (France) Editor of WBG 260 identifies this as Rodinga, rather than settlement Redange near Haboudange.
  • Salonnes (France) None
  • Sarreguemines (France) Editor of WBG 217 says Brandelfinger is a farm/manor east of Sarreguemines
  • Sarreguemines (France) Possible location of monastery in DKAR 1:238
  • Thionville (France) None