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  • Alençon (France) Location of villa in DKAR 1:235, according to editor of APC.
  • Ceaucé (France) None
  • Champsecret (France) None
  • Chemilli (France) Possible location of property in DKAR 1:265
  • Héloup (France) Location of possession in DKAR 1:265. Possible identitifcation by editor of DKAR 1:265, with no alternatives given. Definite identitifcation by editor of APC.
  • Le Theil (France) Identification by editor of APC; editor of DKAR does not attempt to locate.
  • Orne (France) Modern department
  • Saint-Bômer-les-Forges (France) Suggested location of monastery in DKAR 1:253