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  • Berneval-le-Grand (France) None
  • Fesques (France) None
  • Marques (France) Possible location in DKAR 1:101
  • Rosay (France) None
  • Rouen (France) None
  • Seine-Maritime (France) Modern department
  • Torcy (France) Settlements of Torcy-le-Grand and Torcy-le-Petit are approximately 2 km apart: geolocated to Torcy-le-Grand. Possible location in DKAR 1:138
  • Unknown 1341 (France) Location of property in DKAR 1:101, belonging to Saint-Denis. Editor identifies with La Cressonnière, Seine-Inferieure, arrondisement Dieppe, but this location not yet identified.
  • Unknown 1740 (France) Location of mallus in DKAR 1:138.