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  • Aargau (Switzerland) Modern canton
  • Appenzell Ausserrhoden (Switzerland) Modern canton
  • Appenzell Innerrhoden (Switzerland) Modern canton
  • Arogno (Switzerland) In the district of Lugano
  • Balerna (Switzerland) In the district of Mendrisio
  • Basel-Landschaft (Switzerland) Modern canton
  • Basel-Stadt (Switzerland) Modern canton
  • Bedano (Switzerland) In the district of Lugano
  • Bellinzona (Switzerland) None
  • Bern (Switzerland) Modern canton
  • Brusino Arsizio (Switzerland) Municipality in the district of Lugano
  • Buch (Switzerland) Possible location of Adalungocella in DKAR 1:238
  • Cadro (Switzerland) In the district of Lugano
  • Campellina (Switzerland) probably near Rossboden, on the outskirts of modern Chur
  • Chur (Switzerland) None
  • Chur (Switzerland) located within the boundaries of modern Chur (Graubünden), near St Hilarien
  • Domat (Switzerland) None
  • Fribourg (Switzerland) Modern canton
  • Geneva (Switzerland) Modern canton
  • Glarus (Switzerland) Modern canton