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  • Unidentified places parent for all unidentified places that cannot be attributed to a modern country
  • Unknown 1041 (Unidentified places) editor of PAS 26 assumes copyist's mistake for 'Papinriuth' (Poppenreith) in Upper Austria
  • Unknown 1045 (Unidentified places) editor of PAS 27 assumes copyist having garbled the name; tacitly suggests localisation in Upper Austria
  • Unknown 1059 (Unidentified places) probably near the German-Austrian border
  • Unknown 1119 (Unidentified places) mentioned in PAS 49, with suggested identifications in Austria and Germany
  • Unknown 1499 (Unidentified places) mentioned in MRH 13 as situated within the pagus Bidgau which is centred on the Moselle
  • Unknown 1510 (Unidentified places) mentioned in MRH 25, perhaps situated in the Eifel mountain range in Germany
  • Unknown 1515 (Unidentified places) mentioned in MRH 30 as situated in the Moselgau on the river Salm
  • Unknown 1567 (Unidentified places) Location of redaction of DKAR 1:120. Editor does not attempt to locate but refers to Regesta Imperii.
  • Unknown 1707 (Unidentified places) mentioned in WER 1, perhaps located in the Netherlands
  • Unknown 1709 (Unidentified places) mentioned in WER 1, perhaps located in the Netherlands
  • Unknown 1714 (Unidentified places) mentioned in WER 3 & 26; located near Alhfridushuson*
  • Unknown 1715 (Unidentified places) mentioned in WER 3; located near Withorpe*
  • Unknown 1737 (Unidentified places) Editor of DKAR 1:137 thinks this location may be corrupted form of Cispiaco, a lost palace in the Ardennes.
  • Unknown 1757 (Unidentified places) mentioned in WER 9, perhaps located in the Netherlands; not clear whether related or even identical with 'Bidningahusum' mentioned in WER 1
  • Unknown 1853 (Unidentified places) according to editor of WER 21 a gloss in the single surviving copy reads 'Bleersem', which in turn may be identical with modern Bliersheim
  • Unknown 1868 (Unidentified places) mentioned in WER 24, editor suggests two possible identifications, one in the Netherlands, the other in Germany
  • Unknown 1931 (Unidentified places) mentioned in WER 29; property at the place was transacted together with property in Wichmond (NL), so perhaps the place may be located in the Netherlands, too
  • Unknown 2114 (Unidentified places) mentioned in WER 44, probably located in Germany in the environments of Werden and the Ruhr river
  • Unknown 2568 (Unidentified places) Editor proposes as possible locations Ernsdorf (Prien am Chiemsee, Rosenheim) and Armetshofen (Oberroth, Dachau)