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Charter: SFL 12a


Classification: Charter
Short Reference: SFL 12a
Database ID: 456
Editions: SFL 12a, pp. 17-20

Integrity: Complete
Authenticity: Authentic

Dating Information: It is dated as being between 9 October 790 & 9 October 800.

Dating Notes: only day and month stated, 9 October, the feastday of St-Denis, referred to here as 'in dedicatione aecclesiae' even though SFL 1 states 1 November as date of the foundation of Schäftlarn; based on the mention of abbot Icho* and the formulary the editor assumes a date range of 'c. 790-c. 800'

Transmission information

  • Cartulary copy
    • Main witness used in edition
    • Date: 1150 - 1199
    • Current Repository: Munich, Bayerisches Hauptstaatsarchiv

Main Business 1

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  1. Grant involving 1 possessions.

Also mentioned 0

SFL 12a contains no other transactions.

Associated Agents 12

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  1. Sundarhar Granter, Spiritual First-Party Beneficiary
  2. Schäftlarn, S Denis Recipient
  3. Icho* Witness of charter
  4. Jacob Witness of charter
  5. Gudfrid Witness of charter
  6. Alberic Witness of charter
  7. Gudbert Witness of charter
  8. Raginbert Witness of charter
  9. Wulfbert Witness of charter
  10. Albwulf Witness of charter
  11. Orendil* Witness of charter
  12. Radbert Witness of charter
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Agent Attributes and Relationships 2

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  1. Icho* is abbot (of)
  2. Jacob is advocate
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