Launch party competition results, part 2: Most Undeservedly Overlooked Person in the Database

Posted: Dec. 16, 2014, 10:32 a.m. by Alice Rio

The second launch party competition was for the "most underservedly overlooked person in the database". Each member of the History team presented their favourite candidate and argued their case before the launch party audience; the audience then voted to decide the winner. To read the entries, click on the following links:

Rachel Stone: Maginfrid

Edward Roberts: Scrot (also entered for the "strangest name in a medieval charter" competition)

Gianmarco de Angelis: Gaudentius

Alice Rio: Hitti

The winner by popular acclaim was Gaudentius, which means that Gianmarco de Angelis, demonstrating his command of the charter diplomatic zeitgeist, won a double crown (having also won "strangest name in a medieval charter" with Iohannesbonus Cacans Rabiam). This was all a bit hard to take for the rest of the team, but we eventually forgave Gianmarco for his success and we are all still friends.